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This minifigure has only appeared in video game(s)
Although this article is about an official minifigure, it never existed in physical form or appeared in any official LEGO sets.

Sallah is Indy's good friend, appearing in Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. He is an excavator and carries a shovel in the LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures and LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues.



  • Sallah is played by John Rhys-Davies, who also portrayed Gimli, voiced Treebeard, made an uncredited cameo as Glóin in The Lord of the Rings trilogy and played Kingpin in The Trial of the Incredible Hulk. He isn't playable in the home console versions of Lego Indiana Jones The Original Adventures in his white suit, is in the DS version of the game as "Sallah (Suit)"


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