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{{OtherPage|the minifigure|other uses of the term|[[Santa Claus (disambiguation)]]}}

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This article is about the minifigure. For other uses of the term, see Santa Claus (disambiguation).

Santa Claus is a festive Minifigure bringing Christmas cheer to other Minifigures. Santa Claus is available in many Holiday LEGO sets. It is also available with grey legs. Another Minifigure variation of Santa has glasses which appeared in the 7687 City Advent Calendar. Still one more variation of Santa is nearly nude in the shower included with 2824 City Advent Calendar. This minifigure appears in many sets and video games for comical purposes.



Santa works with his elves to make toys for nice kids, which he dilivers every year on the 25th of December a.k.a. Christmas.



Video Game Appearances

Gallery of Variants


  • Santa's reindeer are available as units in CrystAlien Conflict, although they cannot attack. They are best used as scouts for Santa.


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