Class 4 article

Sapphire is a brick-built dragon from the Elves theme, first released in 2017. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Sapphire is a water dragon that has bonded with Rosalyn. She is brave and caring. Even though she is still scarred after Ashwing’s attack, she and Rosalyn keep fighting to heal the forest and all its creatures.

  • Powers: Sapphire is a mind healer dragon.
  • Strengths: Is willing to risk her life to help others, and she has the strength to fight even the most evil powers.
  • Flaws: When she’s injured, she turns those around her tense and argumentative.
  • Skills: Her presence makes anyone feel more calm and relaxed when they are near.
  • Favorite things: Fighting for peace in Elvendale.
  • Did you know: Her powers are so strong, she was able to resist the Goblin King’s mind-control!