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Dr. Sarah Harding is character who appears in LEGO Jurassic World.


Sarah Harding is a daughter of Gerry Harding and girlfriend of Ian Malcolm. In The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Sarah joined a small team of researchers on Isla Sorna on John Hammond's request. Her relationship with Malcolm was ongoing and she was on good terms with his daughter Kelly. She also performed research on living animals, at the zoo of San Diego. She seemed to know a lot about dinosaur anatomy and knew all the Latin names of the leg muscles in the infant Tyrannosaurs she treated. She strongly believed that Tyrannosaurs should be known as protective, nurturing parents. This put her at odds with Robert Burke, who believed otherwise, though Sarah endured this well, and even tried to save Burke when he was panicked into the Tyrannosaur's mouth after he saw a snake slithering into his shirt. The Tyrannosaurs stalked the group for a time, because of how Harding's jacket was covered in blood from when her and Nick Van Owen set the infant's leg.

She was present at the San Diego Incident and heroically tranquillized the male adult Tyrannosaur before it could be killed by large animal control. She was last shown in the film asleep with Malcolm on his couch, while John Hammond commented on the incident on television.

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