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Scavenger Sam[1] is an Aquazone Aquaraiders minifigure released in 1997.


Sam wears a black swimsuit with yellow printing. His legs and helmet are dark grey, while his hip is bright yellow. His helmet has a transparent fluorescent green visor. His left hand has also been replaced with a transparent fluorescent green hook. His face is printed with a red mustache and a headset with microphone.


Scavenger Sam is the nastiest member of the Aquaraiders.[2] He is known to scavenge the seabed for crystals with the Crystal Scavenger, once setting an Aquaraider record by collecting 157 crystals in a single day. He loves to play sports such as baseball and basketball, using his hook hand to gain an advantage.[1]

In Spying on Slimy Sea Raiders, the LEGO Maniac overhears Scavenger Sam and Rocky the Reef Wrecker discussing their recent exploits in Aquaraider headquarters. Sam reveals that he stole the crystal grabber arms from the Aquanauts, forcing them to collect Hydrolator Crystals by hand. They stack stolen Aquasharks compasses in the seaweed, and Sam notices the LEGO Maniac escaping with the compasses.[3]

In The Adventures of the LEGO Maniac, Scavenger Sam drills to his secret hideout in the Crystal Scavenger. When an Aquanaut and Thresher fight over a Hydrolator Crystal, Sam steals the crystal from both of them. This forces the Aquanaut and Thresher to team up against the Aquaraiders, with some help from the LEGO Maniac building a magnetic force field. Sam's Crystal Scavenger is trapped, and the crystal is retrieved. While the Aquanaut and Thresher fight once again, Sam drills out of the cave.[2]

In the "Snow Fooling" contest, Aquaraider Scavenger Sam was one of the minifigures steamrolled by stupendous snowballs, along with Willa the Witch, Flatfoot Thompson, Captain Red Beard, Alien Alpha Draconis, Fire Chief, and Diver Dan.[4]

LEGO Description This is a description taken from LEGO Mania Magazine July-August 1997. Do not modify it.

Scavenger Sam
Scavenger Sam loves baseball. With his trusty hook, Sam can snag any ball hit near him. Sam also likes to play basketball and he has a really wicked hook shot. In his 2160 Crystal Scavenger Sam set an Aquaraider record for crystal scavenging by collecting 157 crystals in one day!

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