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School for Crooks






School For Crooks is a Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu book released in July of 2018.


Prologue: Lloyd's Journal

Story One: School for Crooks

Kai visits with Skylor at Mr. Chen's Noodles, where they discuss the increasing crime rate in Ninjago City. They believe that the increased activities are related to a rumored "School for Crooks" and set out to investigate. They eventually come across the individual who is apparently running the school, and pursue them through the streets before finally cornering them. It turns out to be Ronin, and his school is meant to help criminals change their ways and become helpful members of society. The real criminals, as it turns out, are the Sons of Garmadon.

Story Two: Forced Entry

Nya, in a storyline presumably connected to her solo adventure in "The Mask of Deception", approaches a fortress in order to aid the local farmers. She handily defeats an ordinary human guard, only to be confronted by a Dogshank-sized brute. After a brief confrontation, she reveals her true identity and faces them with her elemental powers, only to find that she can't force her way into the fortress. As such, she departs, but returns in disguise and tricks the guards into letting her inside.

Story Three: Getaway

In an adaptation of events from "The Jade Princess", Lloyd pursues a hooded figure only to discover that it's Princess Harumi.

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