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This minifigure has only appeared in video game(s)
Although this article is about an official minifigure, it never existed in physical form or appeared in any official LEGO sets.

Scientist is a minor character who appears in a LEGO Batman: The Videogame. He has white hair, a mustache, necktie, lab coat, and blue pants.


  • This scientist wear the same coat like the Scientist of Town, except that he doesn't have the space logo.
  • He has the same hairpiece like Chancellor Palpatine.
  • His hairstyle and face looks similar to the Librarian from Indiana Jones.
  • He's most likely based off of the Axis Chemicals scientist who helped The Joker to shipped a million chemical canisters of laughing gas from the 1989 Batman film, and he's also based off of Charles Baxter, who's president of Wacko Toys and teams up with The Riddler from the episode "Riddler's Reform" in Batman: The Animated Series.