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Señor Palomar, or Señor Gomez in the United Kingdom, is an Adventurers Jungle minifgure introduced in 1999.


Señor Palomar has light grey legs, a white torso assembly, black hands donned as gloves and white cowboy-type hat. He features facial hair such as a black goatee and moustache. The torso features a white suit jacket with a brown waistcoat and black tie in the centre.


He is a South American bandit that helped Sam Sinister in collecting gems. He headed a criminal organization which included Rudo Villano and Sam Sinister's sister Alexia Sinister. He has made an appearance in a LEGO game depicting the Great Train robbery (called Train Heist), with Señor Palomar taking the role of the main bandit.


Senor Palomar vs Ogel head

Señor Palomar's face vs Ogel's face

  • Some elements of Señor Palomar's face were reused for Ogel's face.
  • A US Lego Mania magazine says that kids often confuse Palomar with the ice cream man which really annoys him.


Señor PalomarWith Backpack
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