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Sea Captain is a 71001 Minifigures Series 10 released in May 2013.[1]


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“Another Kraken? Let me know if you spot one with ten heads.”

The grizzled Sea Captain has been a nautical man his whole life, and it’s left him kind of jaded. Although he loves ocean adventure, these days it seems like nothing is quite exciting enough. When you’ve been to as many exotic places and seen as many unexpected sights as he has, you start to get used to it all.

Experiences that would amaze and thrill a younger sailor – like roaring whirlpools, thundering typhoons, and giant octopus attacks – just make the Sea Captain shrug and double-check his ship’s course. The rest of his crew wonders what it would take to impress their Cap’n…and they’re a little afraid of discovering the answer some day!



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  • He has printing on his arms.
  • The seagull piece is currently unique to him.
  • His appearance was inspired by Ivar Haglund, a founder of Ivar's; a seafood restaurant chain based in Seattle, Washington.
  • He's most likely based on Captain McCallister from The Simpsons.
  • He appears in the Ninjago episodes "Winds of Change", "Curseworld, Part I", "Curseworld, Part II", and "On a Wish and a Prayer".
  • His torso printing is similar to that of Captain Geoff.



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