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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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Secret of the Wolf

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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Secret of the Wolf is the one hundred and twenty-first episode of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, and the twenty-third episode of season eleven.


As he pilots the Titan Mech towards the Ice Castle, Lloyd recounts his history with the Sons of Garmadon without noticing the dismay of his wolf companion. At the castle, Grimfax reports to the Ice Emperor and General Vex, only to learn that the Hearthfire he extinguished has been reignited. For this failure and the loss of many warriors, Vex urges the Emperor to punish Grimfax; the monarch briefly encases Grimfax in ice before warning that he must make up for his incompetence. At Vex's urging, the Emperor decides to send Boreal to punish the Ice Fishers on Great Lake, and plans a separate fate for Lloyd.

Lloyd continues his account, telling the wolf of the Colossi, only for a monstrous Ice Behemoth to appear and attack the mech. The creature proves incredibly resilient, reforming despite his efforts to shatter it, and injures the wolf during the battle. The battle between behemoth and mech takes them onto a frozen lake, and Lloyd is inspired to sink his opponent by cutting up the dark ice. With the addition of a boulder, the behemoth's own weight carries it under, and Lloyd quickly turns his attention to "Red", the injured wolf.

The next morning, Lloyd awakens to find that "Red" has transformed into a woman, who introduces herself as Akita of the Formlings. Lloyd is furious at what he sees as her deception, though she retorts that she never asked to hear his life story. The angry pair decide to separate, but find that they are still traveling in the same direction, both seeking to challenge the Ice Emperor. However, after seeing that Akita's injury hampers her ability to travel, Lloyd overcomes his anger; the pair apologize to one another, and Akita agrees to tell Lloyd her story. Back at the Castle, the prisoner hears the Ice Emperor banging his staff, and looks out the window of his cell to see Boreal, the Ice Dragon, answering its master's call.


  • This is the second and last episode in which Graeme Palisade is credited as the voice of the Ice Emperor.