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Security Battle Droid is a Star Wars minifigure first introduced in 2002.


Three versions of the Security Battle Droid have been released: The first had dark red markings on the head and a red torso with some sand yellow coloured printings.

The second version did not have any head markings. However, it had a straight Battle Droid arm and a blaster gun.

The third version had a mostly red torso and a one straight arm. The body has printing on it: a cream section with some additional markings.


Security Battle Droids are Battle Droids which specialized in the areas of security. They were given more advanced programming and free thought than the standard B1 regular battle droids so they could detect threats better. They were used mainly for security purposes such as guarding prisoners. They were usually aboard Trade Federation battleships and command bridges, acting as guards, and were also seen in prisons and other facilities on planet surfaces.


  • In Star Wars Battlefront II (2017), a Security Battle Droid is also equipped with a sniper rifle and known as a Specialist.


Video Game Appearances

They appear in the following levels:
  • Negotiations
  • Escape From Naboo
  • Retake Theed Palace
  • Droid Factory
  • Jedi Battle
  • Chancellor in Peril

Gallery of Variants