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Security Guards are the guards of Arkham Asylum, the home of Gotham City's most evil criminal masterminds. Two appear in the set 7785 Arkham Asylum. The Security Guard also appears in the Spider-Man Theme.


The Security Guard wears a uniform with a badge and a blue belt with a walkie-talkie. His torso and legs are dark grey.

LEGO Batman Movie[]

Security Guard #70910 has one boring job to do: guarding the entrance and making sure that no one goes inside without the proper credentials. Wait, is that two boring jobs? Anyway, nobody is getting past him, that’s for certain. Although he is feeling a little hungry. Is that a pizza delivery truck coming? Maybe today won’t be a total snooze after all…though, why is he suddenly feeling a little nervous? Bat-Fact: Has had a lifelong fear of pepperoni.

Security Guard #70901 has been at this job for years without anything serious ever happening. Sure, he’s got plenty of special gear for emergencies, like an oxygen mask and air tanks, but when would he ever need to use them? Nah, he can probably kick back, relax, and enjoy a cup of toasty hot coffee. Say, is it starting to feel a little chilly in here to you? Bat-Fact: Would rather work somewhere warmer.


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