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"My shoulders bear the weight of all that Meca One has done. All that I can do now is try to prevent him from achieving his dark goals."
―Sensei Keiken

Sensei Keiken is the leader of the Exo-Force team. He is often disobeyed by the five Exo-Force pilots. Keiken is also the grandfather of team member Hitomi, and the creator of Meca One.


Keiken has long grey hair and wears a predominantly white uniform. He has a gray belt on his torso and a double-sided head, one side of which bears a stoic expression, and the other an angry one.


Before the first rebellion, he was one of the lead designers of the mining robots that later malfunctioned, becoming the Devastators.


  • He uses the same hairpiece as Professor Dumbledore and a variation of Gandalf.
  • He is the second rarest figure in the Exo-Force theme, appearing in only 2 sets (Hitomi appearing only in one set).
  • He is the only human Exo-Force minifigure that appeared in different years but never changed its outfit.



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