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The Serpentine are a race of snake-like humanoids that once ruled Ninjago, but were banished to five separate tombs, to separate the five warring tribes. They inhabited the world of Ninjago, after being released by Lloyd Garmadon. They consist of several tribes, and each tribe is further divided into four classes: Generals, Warriors, Soldiers, and Scouts. An additional rank, Snake King, rules over all the tribes. They have currently made their home in the Stone Army's former tomb.



"...But they had never seen the likes of an Anacondrai Warrior. They were bigger, smarter, natural leaders on the battlefield. The Anacondrai were a proud tribe who fought with every ounce of venom. There was no greater warrior in the land with them in command."
Garmadon to Lloyd

The Anacondrai were the most feared of all tribes. They were proud warriors with Anacondrai Blades, which were the strongest blades ever made. They were originally going to have a truce with the humans, until Chen tricked them into thinking the humans broke it. The Anacondrai battled the Elemental Masters and won. However, the people soon returned with Sacred Flutes, capable of defeating the snakes. They locked away the Anacondrai and banished their generals in the Cursed Realm. Since the Anacondrai were locked away without food, they became cannibalistic until Pythor was the last one remaining.

They resemble Anacondas, and are known to have the power to turn invisible. This is the only tribe that does not have a silver Fang Blade. The only known rank in the tribe is as follows:

  • Pythor - The current General of the Anacondrai and the only known surviving member of the species.
  • Arcturus - A previous general of the Anacondrai, who was banished in the Cursed Realm.

The Anacondrai Cultists were antagonists in the fourth season of LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. Led by the notorious Master Chen, they worshiped the Anacondrai Serpentine tribe, and appeared to have a connection to them. They succeed the Skulkin, Serpentine, Stone Army, and Nindroids as the main enemy faction in Ninjago, and are succeeded by the Ghost Warriors.

The Cult's primary goal was to steal the powers of the Elemental Masters and use them to perform a spell that will transform them all into Anacondrai. Even though they were turned into Anacondrai they needed venom of a true Anacondrai to complete the spell, or they will return back to there human forms. While successful in doing so, they were soon banished to the Cursed Realm by the ancient Anacondrai Generals.

In Season 5, when The Preeminent, the embodiment of the Cursed Realm, was released into the city of Stiix, Nya unlocked her True Potential as the beast was following the fleeing citizens' boat out to sea. There, the Preeminent was drowned, destroying the Cursed Realm and (supposedly) killing all its inhabitants, including all of the Anacondrai Cultists, though Clouse is known to have escaped. Chen, Eyezor, and Zugu were later revived in Day of the Departed by the magic of Sensei Yang but were defeated and sent back to the Departed Realm by Kai and Nya.

Master Chen invites the descendants of the Elemental Masters to the Tournament of Elements. Their, he steals their powers and uses the to complete a spell to turn his men and himself into Anacondrai. In the final Battle against the Anacondrai cultists, Garmadon casts a spell that frees the spirits of the Anacondrai Generals and they defeat the cultists. They explain to Chen that he'll never be one of them because he's a liar, a cheat and an impostor. The people who where transformed into Anacondrai after the spell include:


The Constrictai are led by Skalidor. They are strong and large. Constrictai are capable of traveling under the ground, but can be located by following the raising of the ground as they tunnel under it. According to their staff's anti-venom allows you to breathe again after being constricted or choked by a Constrictai. They are orange and black in color. With the exception of Skalidor who has a snake tail, all Constrictai members have short legs. They seem to resemble Boa Constrictors. The ranks in this tribe are as follow:

  • Skalidor - The heavyweight General of the Constrictai
  • Bytar - The warrior of the Constrictai
  • Chokun - a soldier-class member of the Constrictai
  • Snike - a Scout-class member of the Constrictai.


The Fangpyre, led by Fangtom, are red and white and have large fangs. Their fangs can turn inanimate objects into living snake-like creatures. Vehicles will turn into living snake-cars, mechs, or wrecking balls. Each vehicle takes on snake attributes such as a tail and eyes. They are also able to bite living creatures and turn them into snake people. The venom slowly mutates the cells. However the venom is useless if the victims heart rate rises. They also don't appear to be immune to their own venom, as they re already snakes their venom acts as a mutagen and normally will result in a deformity, usually a second head. They can still infect people if they are dead. They seem to resemble Pit vipers. The ranks of the Fangpyre are as following:


The Hypnobrai has been known to have two generals. Their original general, Slithraa, was challenged by his second-in-command, Skales, who won, which resulted in the latter replacing the former as the new general with Slithraa being demoted to a warrior.

The Hypnobrai have a dark blue, yellow, and grey colour scheme. They resemble the Spectacled (Indian) Cobra and have the same Specactled pattern on their hood. Their eyes in fact are red with spirals giving them a "dazzling" look which, when they use , hypnotizes their victims. The Hypnobrai are a Serpentine tribe with the power to hypnotize and control anyone. The ranks are as follows:

  • Skales - The current Snake King and General of the Hypnobrai; former Warrior
  • Slithraa - The current Warrior of the Hypnobrai; former General
  • Mezmo - A Hypnobrai Soldier
  • Rattla - A Hypnobrai Scout
  • Skales Jr.
  • Selma


The Venomari are led by Acidicus and live in toxic bogs of acid that only they can survive in. They are green in colour and have the ability to spray venom at an enemy. This venom sabotages the victim's vision and makes them hallucinate, making the victim see everyone turn into what they fear most. They have four eyes, unless they lose one, like Lasha, have scars, and are red, lime green, and dark green. They resemble spitting cobras. The ranks of the Venomari are as follows:

  • Acidicus - The Venomari General
  • Lizaru - The Warrior of the Venomari
  • Spitta - A Soldier of the Venomari
  • Lasha - A three-eyed Venomari Scout
  • Clancee - A hybrid serpentine with a mix of Venomari and Anacondrai with a peg leg.
  • Snake Villain

Pyro Vipers

The Pyro Vipers are not technically a separate tribe of Serpentine, but rather an army of mummified Serpentine reanimated by the magic of Aspheera and the Fire elemental power stolen from Kai. Many of them were previously Hypnobrai who served King Mambo. Their membership consists of:

Social Classes

Snake King/Queen

In ancient times, the Serpentine were ruled over by a dynasty of pharaoh-like kings in the Valley of the Serpentine. King Mambo[1], the fifth of that name, ruled over the Serpentine when Garmadon[2] and Wu[3] were children. He was briefly overthrown by Aspheera[4], who proclaimed herself the Snake Queen, but she was defeated, and Mambo was restored to his rightful throne. It seems as though the Serpentine monarchy eventually ceased to exist, with the five known tribes warring amongst themselves and with the humans of Ninjago.

With the help of Skales[5], Pythor successfully united the five Serpentine tribes by challenging the other generals for their staffs. At the moment, Skales and Pythor were both wearing earplugs, so when Skales gave Pythor the sacred flute, Skales had pretended to be annoyed and threw down his staff. All of the other snake generals were so annoyed by the scared flute that they additionally threw down their staffs also. After defeating them, he dubbed himself the Snake King. However, after Pythor's defeat, when the Great Devourer ate him, Skales attempted to become the Snake King. He failed to do so when all of the Serpentine abandoned him and the other generals to follow Lord Garmadon.

Lord Garmadon ruled the Serpentine for the first half of Season 2. He would hit them, yell at them, and blame them for his failures. This made the Serpentine angry, so Skales abandoned Lord Garmadon in the middle of the ocean, and finally redubbed himself the Snake King.

Skales became the current Snake King. His first course of action was to bury Ninjago as they had once buried the Serpentine. He planned to burrow beneath the city with the help of the Constrictai tribe to get revenge on the citizens of Ninjago for locking them underground. The Serpentine entered the tomb of the Stone Army but got trapped there for some time until after the Overlord's defeat. Afterward, Skales taught the Serpentine to better themselves--remaining the Snake King.}}


Slithraa as Hypnobrai General

The generals are the leader of their respective tribes. Generals are easily distinguished from other Serpentine in that rather than legs, they have a tail. Like warriors and soldiers, they also have a less humanoid shaped head than scouts. In addition to the tails, the generals are also normally in possession of their tribe's respective Snake Staff which is able to act as anti-venom to a tribe's power. For example, the Fangpyre staff would be able to return a person who has been bitten by a Fangpyre and is turning into a snake person to their normal state.

Generals are able to be debunked by being defeated by a Serpentine of a lower class, as seen when the Hypnobrai warrior, Skales, defeated the Hypnobrai general, Slithraa. Skales grew a tail while Slithraa lost his. This is likely the same for other tribes.

Despite the fact the Hypnobrai, Fangpyre, Venomari, and Constrictai can have only one general at a time, the Anacondrai can have five. The generals wear red armor. However, the lead general wears golden armor.

The Serpentine Generals are as follows;


The warriors are the second-in-command of their tribe. They have the same shaped head as their tribe's generals, but normally have different markings. Rather than having tails like the generals, warriors have humanoid legs.

As Pythor was the sole living Anacondrai member, there are no known warriors from his tribe.

Warriors are as follows;


Below warriors, are soldiers. Soldiers have humanoid legs like warriors and snake-like heads, but unlike the warriors, they are of a different shape than their respective generals'. They also have very large fangs. The soldiers typically have different head molds then the general and warrior and seem to look like each other such as with Constrictai and Fangpyre as well as Hypnobrai and Venomari

As Pythor was the sole living Anacondrai member, there are no known soldiers from his tribe.

Soldiers are as follows;

It appears that the soldiers are the judges of the slither pit, as Mezmo, the Hypnobrai soldier was the judge of the Hypnobrai slither pit, and in All of Nothing, Fang-Suei was the judge of the slither pit in the snakes' underground base, and he is the Fangpyre soldier.


Scouts are at the bottom of the Serpentine social ladder. They have humanoid legs like warriors and soldiers, but also humanoid heads with a snake-like hood.

As Pythor was the sole living Anacondrai member, there are no known scouts from his tribe.

Scouts are as follows;


Vipers are not actually part of the social classes, but they are part of the Serpentine armies. The vipers are small and can fit into a minifigures hand like a whip. The young Great Devourer resembled a Venomari Toxic Viper, except it had frills behind its head. Also, its bite can turn the purest of things evil. Vipers can grow up and become an adult Serpentine. [1]

Vipers are as follows:

  • Fangpyre
    • Golden Viper
    • Sly Viper
    • Fangpyre Viper [2]
  • Hypnobrai
    • Hypno Viper
    • Unnamed Transparent Blue Viper
  • Venomari
    • Toxic Viper
    • Unnamed Transparent Purple Viper
  • Constrictai
    • Unnamed Transparent Orange Viper


Early History

When the First Spinjitzu Master created Ninjago, he created the Serpentine underground, and they later emerged upon the surface. Through some means, the Serpentine became aware that the Golden Master would one day rise to threaten Ninjago, and attempted to warn the humans of Ninjago. However, great mistrust existed between the two peoples, and the warnings of the Serpentine went unheeded by their fearful neighbors. For a time there was an uneasy truce between them, with humans being forbidden from entering Serpentine lands and vice versa.

Young Wu and Garmadon later violated this truce, entering the Valley of the Serpentine, and were imprisoned. They were freed by the young sorceress Aspheera, who exacted a promise from Wu to teach her Spinjitzu in exchange for her help. Unfortunately, she broke her own promise not to use it for wicked purposes, and overthrew King Mambo. Aspheera intended to lead her people in conquest of the continent of Ninjago, but she was defeated by Wu and Garmadon using the Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu. King Mambo was restored to his throne, and Aspheera was locked away inside a pyramid in the Desert of Doom.

Eventually the Serpentine became divided, with the five tribes warring with each other and their human neighbors. They also unleashed the Great Devourer upon the land, but it was defeated and imprisoned beneath the Lost City of Ouroboros. Both humans and Serpentine attempted to reach a peace, but this was sabotaged by Master Chen, who sought to benefit from pitting the two races against each other. Ultimately, the Elemental Masters of the time were unable to best the Serpentine through force, but managed to overcome them using sacred flutes.

With the power of the flutes, the five Serpentine Tribes were each driven into a separate tomb in scattered locations across Ninjago. The generals of the Anacondrai, meanwhile, were banished to the Cursed Realm. It was implied that the Anacondrai tribe became cannibalistic after becoming imprisoned, eating their own members until Pythor P. Chumsworth was the last one remaining.

Rise of the Snakes

After many years, the Hypnobrai tribe was freed by Lloyd Garmadon. He then hypnotized the general, Slithraa, and ambushed Jamanakai Village, taking all candy. However, they were stopped by the Ninja. Later, Lloyd commanded that they build a treehouse for him; although the Ninja destroyed it all well. After their defeat, Skales challenges Slithraa to a Slither Pit and wins, exiling Lloyd from the tribe. However, Lloyd then steals the Map Of Dens and unleashes the Fangpyre. However, they then betrayed Lloyd and joined forces against the Hypnobrai. Lloyd soon unleashed Pythor who also escaped from the spoiled brat and opened the Constrictai and Venomari tombs. The tribes then had a meeting under Ninjago City, but failed to unite. However, Pythor convinced them to do so, after finding the map to the Four Silver Fang Blades and bringing the Lost City of Ouroborus back into the desert. Pythor then challenges the generals to a battle and becomes the Snake King. With the help of all four Fang Blades, the Serpentine revived The Great Devourer. However, it only caused destruction, allowing to snakes to return to their tombs to hide.

Return of the Snakes

After the Great Devourer's defeat, Skales demanded that he should become the next Snake King, since Pythor has been eaten by the Devourer. However, he was succeeded by Lord Garmadon, who convinced the snakes to join him or die. However, Skales and the Serpentine Generals rebelled took control of the Serpentine again. They then planned to burrow beneath Ninjago City, starting a massive earthquake. Along their attack, they encountered the Stone Army's tomb. After going inside, they accidentally awakened the Stone Army whom they battled. However, they lost and were trapped in the tomb.

Later, it was revealed that the tomb had been cracked open. However, the Serpentine had become peaceful and Skales settled with his wife and son. In Season 4 it's shown that the people of Ninjago have accepted the Serpentine, as they have Slither Pit fights in Ninjago City.

Shadow of Ronin

However, in LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin the Serpentine's memories were wiped away with the Obsidian Glaive, making them forget their truce with the Ninja. It is unknown if all Serpentine had lost their memory, or only a certain amount.

The Anacondrai Worshippers

The Vermillion

Main article: Vermillion

The Serpentine later learned of the existence of the Vermillion, a race of snake warriors descended from The Great Devourer and raised by Krux as part of his plan to take over Ninjago.

Pyro Vipers

Long after her imprisonment, Aspheera was accidentally freed from her tomb by the Ninja, and sought to avenge herself on Wu for her captivity. After stealing Kai's elemental Fire power, she unleashed a tide of magical lava that began bringing mummified Serpentine warriors to live as her Pyro Vipers. She also created monstrous fiery cobras to attack Ninjago City, though these could be destroyed if their fire was extinguished or expended. Aspheera's forces sought out one of the Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu, both for its power and so the Fire Fang could use its scent to find Wu.

The Pyro Vipers invaded the Ninjago Museum of History, where their ranks were expanded by other mummies including Char. After obtaining the scroll, they marched on the Monastery of Spinjitzu, where they were forced to contend with the Titan Mech and the second Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu. Ultimately, Zane used the latter to encase the Pyro Vipers in ice, though Aspheera was able to banish him to the Never-Realm. Aspheera was subsequently imprisoned in Kryptarium Prison; what became of her minions is unknown.

Nonphysical Serpentine


This article is about the Anacondrai general. For the alien from Life on Mars, see Arcturus.

Arcturus is a former Anacondrai general who appeared in a flashback in the Episode 40 "Spellbound" of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. His spirit form appears in Episode 44 "The Corridor of Elders". Arcturus is an Anacondrai and has purple and black patterns. He has a snake like head and tail. He has green eyes and big, white fangs. Arcturus wears an snake-patterned belt, and the usual Anacondrai armor in golden, marking him the head of the Anacondrai generals.


According to a flashback in "Spellbound", Arcturus was once the head general of the Anacondrai tribe of Serpentine, the strongest warriors of Ninjago. Originally, he and the other generals were going to make a truce with the people. However, Chen tricked both the humans and snakes, starting a battle between the two. Arcturus and the Anacondrai were victorious until the Sacred Flute was founded and used to combat the Serpentine, driving them into separated tombs. The Anacondrai generals were then brought to court. Arcturus then begged for mercy, but Garmadon banished the generals into the Cursed Realm.

In "The Corridor of Elders", Arcturus and the generals' ghosts return from the Cursed Realm after Garmadon was sent there to take their place and they defeated the fake Anacondrai. Arcturus then dubs Lloyd and the Ninja, the greatest warriors in all of Ninjago. He also compliments Pythor for assisting the Ninja and turns him back to his original size. He and the generals then ascend to the Heavens.



  • There is a constellation named after him, as was Project Arcturus.


TV Series

King Mambo


King Mambo the Fifth (voiced by Michael Dobson) was the Hypnobrai king of the Serpentine during Wu and Garmadon's childhood. He had the pair imprisoned for entering the Valley of the Serpentine in violation of a truce. Later, after Aspheera learned Spinjitzu from Wu, she used it to overthrow him and take his throne for herself. However, Mambo was later reinstated after Aspheera was defeated, and had her sealed within a pyramid in the Desert of Doom.


Selma is the wife of Skales and the mother of Skales Jr., and is a recolor of Mezmo.




Skales Jr.

Skales Jr. is the son of Skales and Selma. They had him while they were trapped in the Stone Army's Tomb. He is similar to Rattla. He is one of the only Hypnobrai to wear clothes and to have short legs.



Tribe Tombs

  • Hypnobrai - They were kept in an icy terrain styled cave with ice features.
  • Fangpyre - They were kept in a graveyard near a mutated tree with two snake-like heads. It is misty and ghostly-looking.
  • Constrictai - They were left in the desert in the Mountain of a Million Steps. They were in a dark cave inside the mountain with art and stories drawn on the wall.
  • Venomari - These snakes were thankfully in their home the Toxic Bogs. They were kept inside a tree.
  • Anacondrai - They were left in a horn shaped rock prison where they starved or got eaten except for Pythor. It had rock walls and was littered with the remains of Anacondrai.

Set Appearances

9449 Ultra Sonic Raider

70748 Titanium Dragon

70749 Enter the Serpent

70750 Ninja DB X

9556 Bytar
9591 NRG Kai vs Chokun
9448 Samurai Mech
9450 Epic Dragon Battle

9564 Snappa
9567 Fang-Suei
9571 Fangdam
9442 Jay's Storm Fighter
9455 Fangpyre Mech
9443 Rattle Copter
9445 Fangpyre Truck Ambush
9457 Fangpyre Wrecking Ball
853404 Ninjago Magnet Set: Sensei Wu, Fangpyre and Ninja Jay

9555 Mezmo
9573 Slithraa
9579 Starter Set
9456 Spinner Battle
9441 Kai's Blade Cycle
9444 Cole's Tread Assault
9446 Destiny's Bounty
853403 Hypnobrai Slithraa Key Chain

9557 Lizaru
9569 Spitta
9562 Lasha
9447 Lasha's Bite Cycle
9450 Epic Dragon Battle
9449 Ultra Sonic Raider
850443 Venomari Warrior Key Chain


  • The Serpentine can live for a very long time. This is shown when it is revealed that Skales and Fangtom were friends before they were locked in the tombs.
  • Despite there being an Anacondrai staff in the TV show, one doesn't appear in any sets.
  • It seems that every Soldier of the tribe is also the commentator for The Slither Pit.
  • The Fangpyre's name and Transylvanian accents references vampires.
  • This are the second antagonists who had reformed with the exception of the Anacondrai tribe until the end of Season 4, the first being was the Skullkin.
  • In 2015, it Appears that there's multiple generals in the Anacondrai Tribe instead of just one single general and that all members have snake tails. However, Arcturus appeared to be their lead general as he took the lead and wore golden armor. What differentiates the generals from the soldiers is that they have green eyes and the soldiers have red eyes. Pythor is the general because he's the last Anacondrai left.
  • All Serpentine generals did not appear as playable characters in LEGO Ninjago: Nindroids, but some Serpentine warriors did. However, the generals make their playable appearances in LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin.


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