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This article is based on a set that was not released.
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"That is no truck, it is a moving fortress."
Sensei Wu to the Ninja.

The Serpentine Train is a vehicle turned into a Serpentine by the Fangpyre. It was formerly a large tour bus for people travelling through Ninjago.


The train has five cars, an engine with a snake-like face, and a caboose with a large tail, similar to the one on 9445 Fangpyre Truck Ambush. The sides of the last cars open and release four Bite Cycles, driven by Mezmo, Chokun, Spitta, and Fang-Suei. The last car has two orb shaped turrets that come out of the side. These have guns on the side and are manned by one Serpentine in each (in the TV show it was Fang-Suei and Chokun). These were used to shoot at the Storm Fighter and the Samurai Mech.


Pythor uses it to get to the city of Ouroboros faster. While trying to get there the ninja attack the train with their vehicles. Zane uses his shurikens to freeze the coupling attaching the caboose (with the turrets and smashing tail) to the rest of the train. He then knocks that car off. Then, each ninja goes to a car and battles the Serpentine inside. In one of the cars Cole activates his Tread Assault and shoots Skales with the cannon on the front. All of the other Serpentine run away after that. After the ninja get to the front car Sensei Wu jumps onto the back of the engine and uses his staff to knock the engine apart from the rest of the train. Sensei Wu battles Pythor and is almost eaten. Since nobody is driving, the engine flips over and crashes, giving Pythor enough time to get to the city.



  • The Serpentine Train was built as a possible Ninjago set but didn't make it past the prototype stage. Instead, it was added into the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu TV series.
  • It looks very different in TV series than in the set, as in the TV series it was a bus rather than a train.