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Setam, also known as Porcupine Hassansin or Claw Hassansin is a Hassansin Minifigure from the Prince of Persia theme. He is similar to Tamah, but with a different weapon and Head Piece. He only appears in the set Desert Attack.


Setam has a face hardened by war with a silver gash upon the left side. Setam carries Spike Arms as his weapons and the typical black turban as headgear.


Setam is a Hassansin and was sent on the mission to capture Dastan by Nizam. He killed Garsiv, the brother of Dastan. As Seso was sent to retrieve the Dagger of Time, it came to a showdown between him and Setam. Seso managed to kill Setam and bring Dastan the Dagger, but he was killed by Setam's metal arrows at the same time. When a fight between Dastan and his uncle Nizam at the sand glass which turned back time he lived.


  • Shredder reuses his claws.
  • Pieces identical to his claws have also been used in various Ninjago sets as shuko and other weapons.



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