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Shadow is a Minifigure from the Dino Attack theme. He is tricky and will use any means to defeat the Dinosaurs, and is the most driven member of the squad. The marks on his face are a form of camouflage. He is also a networker in My LEGO Network.

He and Specs often argue over whether to defend from the dinosaurs or take the fight to their nests. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.


Shadow is the most driven member of the dino hunting squad. His home city was devastated in the first dino attack, and although his family made it to safety, his entire neighborhood was flattened. An adventurer who has been in every international hot spot, he prefers to use the Sonic Screamer first and worry about the dino’s intentions later. He and Specs argue a lot over whether the team should simply be defending against dino attacks or actually tracking down dino nests and taking the fight to them.


  • He is bald, as shown in his bio.



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