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Shanghai Car Chase is a side scrolling game released in January 2009 on the LEGO Indiana Jones website. You control Indiana Jones in a car and have to go through the streets of Shanghai while avoiding other cars and the Shanghai Gangsters in there car.


←↑↓→ - Move
Mouse - Throw things (when possible)


Indy and Willie Scott jump out of Club Obi-Wan into a Car, which has Short Round in it. They drive away, only to be pursued by two Shanghai Gangsters in a car. Indy, Willie, and Short Round make it safely to the Airport in the end.


In the game, Indy in a Tan Car drives down the streets of Shanghai. Several cars, some slow moving, will be on the road. The Road will change many times in the game, from 4 lanes to 3 lanes and vice-verse. Quite frequently throughout the game, the Gangsters will catch up with Indy, and the screen will change to a back window view of the car. Indy, at this point, has to throw tan 1 X 2 LEGO bricks, or whatever special piece they have picked up at a flashing part of the Gangsters car.

Pick Ups


Picking up coins will boost the Player's score when they finish the game.


Picking up potions will revive Indy's health, but not all of it.

Interactive Objects


Richshaw's are placed throughout the game. Hitting them will give the player a special weapon.

Special Weapon

Special Weapon's are basically treasures collected by Indy in his past adventures, that have special effect when shot at the Mobsters from the back window. Below are a list of the artifacts and what effect they have.

  • Basic Piece (1 X 2 Tan Brick) - Repels Mobsters
  • Sankara Stones - Spread Shot
  • Goblet - Slows Down Mobsters
  • Statue - Triple Damage



Cars will be positioned on the road. Indy will lessen his health if he hits any.

Shanghai Gangsters

The main villains of the game. When they catch up to the player, the game screen will switch to a rear window of Indy's car with the gangsters in sight. Indy now has to throw Tan 1 X 2 blocks at a flashing part of there car to destroy it. Any of the special weapons he pick up can also be used in this situation.

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