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SharX is an Ultra Agents Minifigure and villain that was released in Summer 2015.


SharX resembles a shark man, featuring a Sand Blue dorsal shark fin in his back and gills on the sides of his head, as well as flakes in his face and pale purple eyes. His helmet is circular, featuring a jaw in the front, re-using the same mould as Break Jaw, but in Warm Gold. His torso is Medium Stone Grey and depicts armor with a purple lens in the chest, as well as a belt and a respiration tube. His legs are Sand Blue and don't feature any printing, and neither do his arms. His hands are Black.

He holds a black spear gun with a transparent red cone on it as a weapon.


SharX was presumably an enviromentalist that was dealing with sharks of Astor City that got corrupted by AntiMatter's power. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.


Sharx is AntiMatter’s personal bodyguard. He used to feed sharks at the Astor Aquarium, but since the transformation, Sharx is the one needing to be fed! The guy’s superhuman senses and strong bite should make any Ultra Agent think twice about taking him on. Probably the best approach would be to set a trap. You could consider using red meat and a fishnet.



App Appearances


  • Before his release, he was first seen in the leaked Secret Intel D video, along with Electrolyzer and other super villains, during the end of December of 2014.
  • His name is a play on the word Shark or Sharks, and uses the letter X to replace the "k" or "ks" sounds.
  • He is the master of the Robo-Shark featured in AntiMatter's Portal Hideout. This is also referenced as both are sharks, have golden jaws and purple eyes.
  • His torso design is similar to the Kraangdroid minifigure from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • He is voiced by Markham Anderson in Ultra Agents: The AntiMatter Missions.


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