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Sharon Shoehorn is a minifigure in The LEGO Movie. She is the actress who portrays Larry's wife in the TV show "Where are my Pants?".


Sharon Shoehorn is the wife of Larry in the Octan TV show "Where are my Pants?" which is the favorite show of everyone in Bricksburg. It is unknown if Sharon is actually married to Larry, or just acting for the TV series.


Movie Appearances

Video Game Appearances


  • In the movie, Sharon is seen with a blue-handled feather duster during episodes of "Where Are My Pants". This is her one and only accessory, but it does not appear in any sets or The LEGO Movie Video Game.
  • A similar version of her appears in the 2018 LEGO Creator set 31079 Sunshine Surfer Van with Medium Blue instead of black and with a different face print.