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Shell, officially known as Royal Dutch Shell plc, is a real world oil company. Until the introduction of the gasoline company Octan in 1992, Shell was the common gasoline brand featured in LEGO sets.

Shell often sells exclusive promotional LEGO sets at its petrol stations, for example, Ferrari sets are often seen in the Petrol Stations.


The first Shell sets were released in 1966. These were only available in Europe though. In the US, only sets with Exxon livery were released. Beginning in 1986, Shell sets were also released in the US. With the introduction of Octan in 1992, no regular Shell sets were released anymore, except the occasional promo sets.

In 2012, Shell released new LEGO promotional sets featuring Ferrari vehicles, in Hong Kong and Macau.

Later in 2014, Shell released another set of LEGO promotional sets featuring Ferrari vehicles, miniature Grand Prix podium and miniature Shell station model. They are currently available in Hong Kong and Singapore.

In October of 2014, LEGO did not renew its partnership with Shell after Greenpeace and many other petition signers urged LEGO not to after Shell announced its plan to drill for oil in the Arctic.


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