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"Wait a minute partner, draw a cowboy hat on him."
―Sheriff Not-a-robot when he sees Emmet in the poster. [src]
―Sheriff Not-A-Robot's last words before he falls off a cliff. [src]

Sheriff Not-A-Robot is a minifigure released in 2014 as part of The LEGO Movie theme. He is voiced by Jorma Taccone according to the LEGO Movie commentary (though this was listed in the credits as part of the additional voices).


The LEGO Movie

Sheriff Not-A-Robot was a lieutenant in the Super Secret Police. He lead all members of the Police in the Old West. He accompanied Bad Cop/Good Cop in apprehending Emmet, Wyldstyle, and Vitruvius in The Old West. During the pursuit, Sheriff Not-A-Robot and his fellow robots accidentally rode their horses off a cliff and perished.


  • His last name is "Not-a-robot", even though he is a robot. He uses it as a blatant lie to blend in with the residents of the Old West.
  • The Deputron's appearance in The LEGO Movie Video Game is similar to Sheriff Not-a-Robot, but with a printed mustache instead of a physical piece, star on his hat and in tan torso.
  • In the video game, he has a brick built Gatling gun rather than his two pistols. However, he has a pistol in the handheld versions of The LEGO Movie Video Game. Before the train chase in the film, he revealed that he has a minigun before he fall down into the cliff along with the other robots.
  • His torso is a combination of Sheriff Wyatt West’s torso and Black Bart’s torso.


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