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Sheriff Wild Wyatt West,[1][2] alternatively named Sheriff Skymore in Denmark,[source?] Sheriff Duke in the UK,[3][4] and Sheriff Silver in Germany,[5][6] is a minifigure from the Western theme.


Sheriff Wild Wyatt West wears a dark grey jacket, adorned with a golden sheriff badge, buttons, and a chain, as well as a red bow tie. He also wears black gloves and pants, and a grey cowboy hat printed with the outline of a star. His face, originating from earlier pirates such as Darwin, is printed with black hair, a large black mustache, and stubble.

When appearing as a Knight in 5702 LEGO Chess, Sheriff West's coat is colored either blue or red, depending on which team he is on. In both the game itself and its FMV cutscenes, he has bare bright yellow hands instead of wearing black gloves.


Sheriff Wild Wyatt West protects the Gold City Junction from outlaws and bandits. He is best friends with his deputy, Zack.

The Sheriff appears in the video game 5702 LEGO Chess as the main hero of the Western story. While the Sheriff is sleeping, the Thompson Gang rob a bank in Silver Town. He pursues Flatfoot Thompson, Black Bart, and Dewey Cheatum across the desert, to a native village, and finally Fort Legoredo, with his success or failure depending on the player winning the chess matches. In-game, Sheriff West appears as the Knight for the Western-themed chess set, armed with a revolver and riding a brown horse, which both are frequently featured in his capture cutscenes. He also acts as they player's avatar for the Western blue chess set, reacting when the player captures or loses pieces.

Sheriff West makes a cameo in 5706 LEGOLAND, which references the LEGO Chess Western story. He remains sleeping while the Thompson Gang run themselves into the Sheriff's Lock-Up.

In Tales of the LEGO Express: The Heist, the Sheriff is radioed by the player character to foil Señor Palomar's train heist. The Sheriff boards the train after it stops at the big oak tree, but since he is busy arresting Alexia Sinister, the player must go after Palomar. Afterward, the Sheriff deputizes the player.

The Sheriff's minifigure appears in the video game Soccer Mania for two identical characters. The Sheriff in the Lawbringers team is known as Bob Sherrif. The Sheriff in the Western Cowboys team is known as Sheriff Dal. They have slightly differing stats, with Bob Sherrif having weaker speed and shooting (64/272) but stronger tackling (96/272), while Sheriff Dal has balanced stats (80/272).[7] Bob Sherrif is available by default, while Sheriff Dal must be unlocked by beating the Western Cowboys in story mode.

The Sheriff is the only Western minifigure appearing in 4850307 LEGO Battles, where he is a Hidden Hero unit unlocked by collecting all minkits in the Pirates Story. He costs 40 blue studs to buy in-game, and can only be used in Free Play. The Sheriff's stats are has 2/5 strength, 900 life, and 1/5 speed, and he requires 500 bricks to build. The Sheriff's Magic Spells are Area Speed Boost, Area Damage Boost, Artillery, and EMP.


  • The name "Wyatt" may be a reference to Wyatt Earp, a real-life legendary Wild West lawman.
  • In 5702 LEGO Chess, the Sheriff's name is changed to match the player's entered name.
  • In German radio dramas, Sheriff Silver is voiced by Eberhard Haar, who also voiced Joe Freemann in Die Jagd nach dem Pharaonenschatz and a horseman in Hokuspokus Zauberstab.


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LEGO Description This is a description taken from LEGO Mania Magazine September-October 1996. Please do not modify it.

MEET Sheriff Wild Wyatt West
Wild Wyatt is the toughest lawman in the West. He once walked 100 miles through the desert to lock up Flatfoot Thompson for littering. He's so tough that his favorite food is grilled cactus, and he likes to pour hot sauce on all his food, even ice cream!