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Sheriff "Wild" Wyatt West (named Sheriff Skymore in Denmark and Sheriff Duke in the UK) is a minifigure from the western theme, he has appeared in many sets since his release in 1996, also appearing in several LEGO video games. He protects the town from outlaws and bandits. He is best friends with Zack.


Video Game Appearances

LEGO.com Appearances


  • He was the only western minifigure in 4850307 LEGO Battles as an unlockable hero unit, but he works for the Pirates instead of protecting the western town from outlaws. He costs 40 blue studs to buy in game.
  • He appears in the video game LEGO Chess, as the sole hero of the western theme.
  • He also appears in the video game Soccer Mania. He is part of two teams, the Lawbringers and the Western Cowboys. The Sheriff in the Lawbringers team is known as Bob Sheriff, the Sheriff in the Western Cowboys team is known as Sheriff Dal.
  • The name "Wyatt" is a reference to Wyatt Earp, a real-life legendary Wild West lawman.


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