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This article is about Adventurers minifigure. For Indiana Jones minifigure, see Sherpa Brawler and Sherpa Gunner.

Sherpa Sangye Dorje is one of the characters that appeared in the Orient Expedition sub-theme of Adventurers; introduced in 2003. He is a Nepalese Sherpa who helped Johnny Thunder to get the Golden Sword from the Himalayas.
He is exclusive to the set 7417 Temple of Mount Everest.


The Sherpa has unprinted legs, and a brown torso decorated with a baggy shirt, a red sash, and a dagger. His arms are brown, and his hands yellow. His face is yellow as well, and he has large eyes. He wears a large brown hat.


Sangye Dorje was a Tibetan Sherpa who assisted Johnny Thunder and his friends on Mount Everest. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

His name means "Thundering Lion" in Tibetan. Sangye Dorje is a young Tibetan Sherpa, or mountain guide, so he knows the mountains well, though is less comfortable when flying among the clouds in the Aero Nomad. He helps out Johnny Thunder and his friends when they get to Mount Everest.