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Shicane is the mechanic of Team Nitro in Drome Racers.


Shicane managed the more practical aspects in Drome Racers; she prepared the car for races and organized one-on-one challenges with opponents around the Drome. She also kept Max informed on recent events in the Drome regarding other drivers, either for tactical reasons or simply to provide background.

Team Nitro Challenge

Midway through the Advanced Class of MCR's, Shicane challenged Max to a one-on-one challenge on the Rock Worms off-road track. Rocket offered the challenge on his regular menu, but refused to provide any advice to Max, saying "She'd Kill Me". Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

Shicane is Nitro Team's mechanic and test driver. If she wanted to be, she would be an excellent Racer - but she seems happiest tuning cars to their ultimate state of perfection. Some say Shicane's best friends are not people, but racecars.

Age: 22

Place of Birth: The Drome. (Note: Shicane's father was a champion Drome Racer.)

Special Abilities: Highly skilled mechanic and racing tactician. Also excels as a driver and has been known to fill in when Nitro is short on personnel.

Quote: "Use what's under your hood!"


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