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Short Round was Indiana Jones' young sidekick in Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom.


He has medium stone grey short legs and wears a white baseball cap.


Born under the name Wan Li, Short Round became Indiana Jones' young bodyguard and driver for a time after his parents' death in the bombing of Shanghai by the Japanese. He admires Indiana Jones and mimics his fighting techniques.


Video Game Appearances


  • Short Round's video game appearance differs somewhat from his appearance in the sets. In the first game, he has a simple white undercoat, dark sand legs, and a blue and white hat. In the second game, he has the same white undercoat but his legs are light blue.
  • Short Round's prototype had tan legs, Mutt Williams' head and Jock's torso.
  • His actor Key Huy Quan also played Data in The Goonies.
  • In original latin movie's dubb, he was voiced by the actress Patricia Acevedo, who also voiced Lisa Simpson in the Simpsons and Mikey in the Goonies.