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LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures

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Showdown on Hoth

LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures

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Star Wars

Showdown on Hoth is the eleventh episode of LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures.


The Freemakers travel to Hoth with Naare and Graballa in hot pursuit, but Graballa's ship is brought down allowing the Freemakers to hide. Unfortunately, R0-GR lands the StarScavenger on a frozen over lake and causes it to sink when he turns on the ship's heating system to warm himself up; upon being rescued he is only able to repeat the word "Genius." Entering a cave, the Freemakers find a baby Wampa before discovering the last Kyber Saber Crystal, which Rowan is able to find by calling out to it similarly to how the crystals have previously called to him. The Freemakers then flee to the nearby Echo Base, only to find it inhabited by their old enemies, the now Ensign Durpin and Sub-Ensign Plumestriker. Much to Durpin's dismay, Plumestriker attempts to take the Freemakers prisoner so that he and Durpin can regain their standing with the Empire.

Fortunately for the Freemakers, Plumestriker's actions alarm the Wampa's mother, who had followed them to Echo Base. Realizing that Naare will soon be on top of them, however, the group prepares for their arrival using components of the AT-ATs destroyed during the Empire attack on the base. They are also able to free the StarScavenger, but Naare proves too dangerous for the group to defeat, so Rowan tricks her by giving her an icicle fashioned to resemble the crystal. The Freemakers then escape into space, but Rowan realizes that Naare will never stop hunting them, and so boards their salvage pod with Roger in order to seek a safe hiding place, hoping that Naare will come after him and not his siblings.

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