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Sir Adric was one of King Jayko's knights. He went on the quest to find the Mistlands Tower. His preferred weapons are a battleaxe and a shield. He fought with Sir Kentis against Vladek and his Rogue Knights.


Sir Adric greatly resembles Santis in both colour and design. His armour is bright red with printing of silver chain mail at each side and on the sternum. A line of silver rivets run across the chest. The torso underneath and his arms are light stone grey with darker coloured hands. Adric's legs and hips are both bright red with no printing. His helmet is bright red and his visor speckled silver. Adric's face sports ginger hair on the brow, black eyebrows drawn down slightly in a frown and a thin black mustache that goes around the mouth and underneath it. Three small scars are located underneath his left eye.


Sir Adric was a knight of Morcia during the reign of King Jayko. He was the companion of Sir Kentis. Adric's emblem was the bull, and as such he bore the design of a bull's head on his shield. He was known for wielding a large battle axe. Adric helped foil Lord Vladek's third and final attempt to seize control over Morcia with the aid of King Jayko and Sir Kentis.




  • His name is very similar sounding to Cedric. Cedric being the name of the villain of the original Knights' Kingdom and just like Cedric, Adric's emblem is a bull.
    • His name also seems to be a reference to the 1980s Doctor Who character Adric.

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