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Sir Gavin[1] is a Castle minifigure introduced in 2008.


Like numerous other Crown Knights, Sir Gavin has an earth blue torso, black hip, and medium stone grey limbs. His torso is printed with a golden crown emblem over a dark blue and light blue quarter pattern, with a brown leather belt around his waist and a golden collar pattern around his neck. He also wears a silver ink Mini Knights Helmet "No. 1000". His head is printed with dual expressions, featuring a confident smile on one side and a panicked wide-open mouth on the other side.


Sir Gavin is one of the Crown Knights stationed at a barricade trap, in an effort to stop the arrival of the Troll Battle Wheel. He also shops and eats at the Medieval Market Village, where is also assigned to carry the king's treasure through the marketplace.

In Medieval Adventures - Troll Attack, Sir Gavin helps King Edward drive off the Troll Warriors' attack, but Morax vows that they will return. Therefore, King Edward sends Gavin into the Forbidden Forest to find out where the trolls will attack next. There, he meets the Princess, who secretly escaped Morax's imprisonment on her own and is spying on the trolls; she reveals that the trolls will attack at sunrise with Giant Trolls, and gives Gavin a sleeping potion. Gavin reports back to King Edward, and they prepare the army for the trolls' arrival. Using the sleeping potion, they put the Giant Trolls to sleep and force Morax to retreat. King Edward thanks Sir Gavin for his critical role in saving the kingdom.


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