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Sir Lance[1] is a Dragon Masters minifigure introduced in 1993. He reappears in the Royal Knights and Dark Forest subthemes.


Sir Lance has a bright red torso decorated with the emblem of a dragon. His arms are bright blue, while his legs are black. He wears a black helmet adorned with bright yellow, blue, or red dragon wings on the sides, sometimes with an additional dragon-shaped plume on top. In set 6105, Sir Lance wears a black plastic cape. His face is decorated with black hair, including eyebrows, a mustache, and a beard.

When portrayed as a human in Castle of Doom, Sir Lance best matches his appearance in 1906 Majisto's Tower. Some pages depict Lance with a long yellow cape, although he does not wear this cape in any set.

In 6079 Dark Forest Fortress, Sir Lance wears an ordinary dark grey Mini Knight's Helmet instead of his usual ornate dragon helmet.


In the Disney Adventures comic Castle of Doom, Sir Lance and his fellow knights are referred to as the Black Knights, an earlier faction predating the Dragon Masters, and they are seeking to free their land from Majisto. Lance's Dragon Wagon is under attack by a dragon, so Jack the LEGO Maniac rescues them with the help of Lance's shield. Lance explains to Jack that Majisto is using his dragons to take over their kingdom, and he asks for Jack's help. They build large catapults on their Dragon Wagons, which Lance uses to catapult Jack and Mack onto the dragons' backs. Majisto uses his sorcery to transform the Black Knights into more dragons,[1] although Black Knights are turned back to normal once Majisto's wand is destroyed, allowing them to storm the Fire Breathing Fortress and capture the wizard.[2]



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