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Sir Stackabrick,[1] also known as Sir Stack-a-Brick,[2][3] is a Castle minifigure who also appears in The LEGO Movie.


Initially introduced as one of the King's Knights in Castle, Sir Stackabrick features armor printing on his torso, leg, and breastplate, shared with other King's Knights. His dark stone grey torso is decorated with a crown emblem, while his breastplate features the King's lion motif. His Tournament Helmet is a single piece and therefore the visor cannot move, although it is decorated with a blue feather plume. His head, which is reused from Rex Tyrone, features orange facial hair and a confident smirk.

In The LEGO Movie, Sir Stackabrick does not wear his breastplate, but his minifigure is otherwise identical to its appearance in the Castle theme.



Sir Stackabrick first appeared as one of two unnamed King's Knights who defended the Gatehouse from a Dragon Soldier raid. He is a braggart who loves exaggerating the stories about his heroics, as well as partying with his friends.

The LEGO Movie

Sir Stackabrick appears in The LEGO Movie. He is from Middle Zealand, a portmanteau allusion of Middle Earth (where The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit take place) and New Zealand (where Middle Earth were filmed).

He is among the Master Builders that meet in Cloud Cuckoo Land. During the Super Secret Police's attack on Cloud Cuckoo Land, Sir Stackabrick and Marsha Queen of the Mermaids noticed a tracking device on Emmet's leg.

Sir Stackabrick is later seen in Middle Zealand, listening to Wyldstyle's message to build whatever they can to fight Lord Business' forces. He starts putting pieces together, presumably leading to the creation of the Castle Cavalry.

In the 70806 Castle Cavalry product video, Sir Stackabrick and Gallant Guard are guarding a castle gate when a Micro Manager smashes through, having captured Sharon Shoehorn. The two King's Knights rebuild the castle into the Castle Cavalry and then rescue her, with Stackabrick firing the catapult at the Micro Manager.


  • On the Castle website's Characters page, the two King's Knights in 70402 The Gatehouse Raid have swapped legs, leading to Sir Stackabrick being erroneously depicted without leg printing.


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King’s Knight
When he's not in battle, he likes to brag about his heroics to anyone who will listen! His stories tend to get wilder and crazier every time he tells them, but that's okay. He's the type of guy who likes to party with his friends, laugh really loud and make a lot of noise.