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Sith Probe Droids were droids used by the Sith to locate certain objects or beings. Darth Maul had at least three of these on his Sith Infiltrator, which he used to find Qui-Gon Jinn and Padmé Amidala on Tatooine.


Variant 1

The original variant comprised of two pieces: a Black minifigure head and a piece normally used as a joystick. While more to scale then the redesign, this version lacked details such as the photoreceptor, or eye, of the droid.

Variant 2

This variant differs from the first only because of its antenna, which is black.


The 2012 redesign is larger than the other variants and is made up of more parts. It consists of a center brick with two dome-like pieces on either side and a transparent light blue stud as the photoreceptor in the middle. An antenna, made with a joystick piece, is located on the right side.


The DRK-1 Dark Eye Probe Droid was used to locate certain people or objects or to stake out locations. They were plated in a special armour that baffled most security scanners and could therefore move about nearly undetected. Predominantly used as a spy droid that would report back to the user, they could be outfitted with light blasters, mini grenade launchers and poison darts. This gave them a means of defense should they come under attack. Probe droids had three imaging sensors and one audio recorder. The antenna allowed it to relay data back to the programmed source.


  • Although the photoreceptor in the latest variant is depicted as transparent light blue, in the Star Wars universe, the Probe Droid's is black.
  • Sith Probe Droids are easily confused with Imperial Probe Droids, due to their similar name and appearance.


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