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The Sith Trooper is a Star Wars minifigure that was first released in 2019.


The children of the sinister cultists on the enclave planet Exegol in the Unknown Regions to bring about the return of the Sith, these troops were raised to be footsoldiers fanatically loyal to the reborn Emperor, Darth Sidious. Specialized landing craft, equipment and weaponry was readied for the day their master would unveil the might of the Final Order, hidden underneath the watery depths of Exegol. Trained with a module similar to clones, Sith Troopers were meant to be even more blind followers than their early predecessors. They were organized in legions, each of which bore the name of a legendary Dark Lord of the Sith, and in addition their ranks also included the aerial Sith Jet Troopers and the Sith Sovereign Protectors - bodyguards ever at the side of Sidious.

Once Darth Sidious was about to unleash the Final Order, the Resistance scrambled their forces to attack the armada. The threat was met with the sudden arrival of several transporters carrying legions of Sith Troopers, though even these formidable soldiers' skills were not enough to prevail against the arrayed courage of the Resistance's fighters. The Sovereign Protectors as well were unable to ensure the safety of their Emperor when confronted with both Rey and the former Kylo Ren. With the demise of Sidious and the downfall of the Final Order, the military forged by the Sith Eternal was at last defeated.



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