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Skeleton Guy is a minifigure released in October 2015 as part of 71010 Minifigures Series 14.


The Skeleton Guy is wearing a typical skeleton costume, which consists of a black suit with bone patterns over it. He wears a skull-shaped mask held on by strings, through which his eyes can be seen. His suit printing depicts the bones of a minifigure Skeleton on his arms, torso, and legs. His hands are white. He reuses the Leprechaun's clay pot in orange with a jack-o'-lantern design as a Halloween treat bucket, which has a black handle.



  • His suit is based on real-life skeleton costumes worn on Halloween.
  • He is the second minifigure to have printing all around his head, with the first being Alfred Pennyworth.
  • In the Lego Worlds Monster Dlc one of the quests is to bring Spooky Boy to Skeleton Guy who Spooky Boy says is his brother.