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The Skeleton Rider[1][2], also known as Skeleton Reaper,[source?] is a Skeleton Warrior minifigure from the Castle theme, introduced in 2008.


Like most Skeleton Warriors, the Skeleton Rider is a white skeleton with red eyes. He is distinguished by the fact that he wears a black hood and a black cloak, giving him an intimidating Grim Reaper-like design.

In LEGO Quest & Collect, the Skeleton Rider's hood and cape are brown instead of black.


The Skeleton Rider rides a white Skeletal Horse, while wielding his scythe weapon. He is a powerful Skeleton Warrior who leads his fellow undead soldiers in an attack on the drawbridge tower. The Golden Knight drives the skeletons back, preventing the capture of the Queen.[1]

In LEGO Quest & Collect, the Skeleton Rider is an enemy debuting in Episode VII-3 "Space Police Rescue I" of Volcano Land. He rides a black Skeletal Horse and fights alongside the Skulkin army.



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