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Although this article is about an official minifigure, it never existed in physical form or appeared in any official LEGO sets.

Skelly is a character in The Adventures of Clutch Powers. He is built mainly like a skeleton warrior, but with a different head.


Skelly is, as his name implies, a Skeleton. His head, body and legs are those of a Classic Skeleton, with round, black eyes on head rather than the slanted, red ones of his counterparts. If he was built in LEGO, his arms would be those of a Skeleton warrior from the Castle theme of 2007, which are long and stiff.


Skelly is Bones' friend. Unlike Bones, he doesn't wear a helmet. He was trained, along with Bones, by their master; Mallock the Malign.

Skelly was smarter and more practical than his partner, who once fell for his own trick. He and Bones were, at one point, tasked with capturing Prince Varen and bring him to Mallock so he could never become King. Later, when Varen disappeared without a trace, the duo were sent to tail Clutch Powers, who was also searching for the Prince. They found Powers confronting Hogar the Troll, who promptly knocked Skelly and Bones to the ground and ran off with Clutch. Again thwarted, the two were assigned to guarding Mallock's fortress. When battle broke out between Mallock's forces and Varen's, Skelly and Bones were eating popcorn, enjoying the battle scene, until a member of Clutch Powers's team confronted them. Locked in combat, Skelly and Bones were unaware of a gear thrown by one of the combatants on the battle field. The gear hit both of them, spinning them around and rearranging their parts. The duo starting laughing at their new looks before falling to pieces.