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Skinnet is a Legends of Chima minifigure released in 2013.


Skinnet is a nomad. He is the negotiator between the crocs and the lions. Like real-world skunks, he can emit a foul stench. Though other animals like him, they don't care to spend too much time with him because of this stench.[1]

When Rogon, Laval, Gorzan, Worriz, Cragger, Eris, and he were playing hide and seek, Skinnet sent up a big cloud of fumes, forcing Worriz to reveal himself.

In Market Day, he is seen in the market releasing his stench, causing everyone to runaway and the Ravens to sell nose plugs and raising the price when he gets closer. He is then seen in the race for the Golden Chi in dead last till he uses his fumes as a turbo boost and gets first, leaving everyone else choking. He then gets stuck in some sand and tries to escape with his stench, but causes a new trap for the remaining racers.

In The Hundred Year Moon under the Hundred Year Moon's effect his stink smells beautiful, can make flowers grow and temporarily stop the wolves under the moon's effect.

In Laval in Exile it's mentioned that he has been to the Outlands before. When he eats the toxic sap from the Outlands it makes him act goofy. Laval uses this to distract the Crocodile tribe.

In the episode Into the Outlands he gives the heroes Stink in a bottle so they'll get past the carnivorous plants in the outlands.

In The Crescent, he appears to help Laval and his friends fight against the ice tribes. He unleashes his stink at the crescent causing them to leave. He comments that the Crescent is excellent for containing his stink.

In Cool and Collected, the Ice tribes mistake Skinnet for Flinx and grab him. He uses his stink to escape and causes the hunters to flee their tunnel with his stench.

In The Heart of Cavora, the Great Illumination does to him has the Hundred Year Moon has done, namely give him the power to release a pleasant odor that can make flowers grow.


Video Game Appearances

TV Appearances


  • In the TV series Skinnet has short legs, while in the sets he has normal sized legs.
  • Like Furty, Skinnet's tail is attached at the neck. They are the same mould, but different in colour. Because it attaches to their necks, they cannot wear armour unless you take it off.




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