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Skull Warrior

The Skull Creatures are a group of 7 skeleton entities that appear in the 2015 Bionicle story as the main antagonists. They are zombie-like skeletons of various sapient and non-sapient creatures that are revived or created by Kulta, the Skull Grinder, a minion of Makuta Spirit,using his dark powers,and all of them have the power to extract the power from the golden masks.Their goal is to conquer Okoto for the Makuta Spirit.In the 1st wave, one of them was released. While the other five Skull Creatures were released in August.They were destroyed eventualy by Ekimu,using the Mask of Creation.


Kulta,the Skull Grinder(leader)

Lord of Skull Spiders

Skull Warrior

Skull Slicer

Skull Basher

Skull Scorpio

Skull Spider


  • The Lord of Skull Spiders is the first Skull Creature to be defeated, the only one that doesn't wear a mask and the only one that has minions.
  • Each Skull Creature comes with an exclusive new mask, except Skull Slicer.
  • They have exclusive limbs, weapon parts, and armor pieces.
  • Skull Grinder's mask appears in the theme's window in summer 2015 at
  • Skull Spiders, Skull Warriors, and Skull Scorpios are the only Skull Creatures that come in hordes.
  • Although all the Skull Creatures were created by Kulta (who is also a Skull Creature) using his powers, it's unknown how he was created(although he is believed to have been created by Makuta).
  • Kulta is the only Skull Creature shown to be capable of speaking and the only one with an actual name.
  • The Lord of Skull Spiders is the only skull creature to be released in a seperate wave than the other skull creatures, excluding the Skull Spiders.
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