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This article is about the Pirates minifigure. For other uses, see Skully (Disambiguation).

Skully[1][2] is a minifigure from the Pirates theme. He was introduced in 1995,[3] with a more distinct figure introduced in 1996.


Skully is a skeleton, with the same body and skull face as all other skeletons from the 1990s. In his initial appearance in 6254 Rocky Reef, Skully had no distinguishing features and was just a generic skeleton.[3] In subsequent appearances, his most unique feature is the black Morion Helmet that he wears on his head.


Skully is a member of the Skeleton Crew, although is sometimes mistaken for George by other pirates.[1] Skully also resides at the shipwreck at Pirates Perilous Pitfall.[2]

Skully guards the buried treasure at Rocky Reef, where he hides within a rock.[3] Skully was also responsible for hiding the treasure on Volcano Island. Even while Black Jack Hawkins searches for it, Skully has hidden the chest well enough that he does not feel the need to spend much time guarding it. Instead, Skully spends his days practicing the popular sport of volcano diving whenever the volcano erupts, including his latest "Volcano Vault".[1]

Skully, or at least similar-looking conquistador skeletons, is seen frequently in LEGO Island. One skeleton hides in a treasure chest in Captain Click's cave. Many conquistador skeletons can be found throughout the racetrack, including a massive skeleton that constantly swings its legs to knock racers off the track. Skully can also be seen participating in the ending celebration.



Gallery of Variants

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6254 Rocky ReefConquistador Helmet


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