The Sky Folk are a faction of white-skinned humanoids from the Ninjago toy line and the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu animated series. They typically sport mechanical wings that enable them to fly, and live in the mountaintop kingdom of Shintaro.


The Sky Folk established their city of Shintaro at an unknown point in the history of Ninjago, and soon prospered in their peaceful kingdom. Unbeknownst to most of them, however, the caves of the mountain beneath them were home not only to hostile creatures, but to the rival tribes of Geckles and Munce. These subterranean neighbors were forced into servitude by the evil Skull Sorcerer, with the deepstone ore they mined serving to finance the plenty enjoyed by the Sky Folk. However, they were kept in ignorance of these facts, and forbidden to enter the tunnels beneath their city, which had once been ruled by the wicked sorcerer Hazza D'ur.


King Vangelis

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Shintaro Royal Guard

The Shintaro Royal Guard.

The Shintaro Royal Guard are soldiers clad in gold armor who defend the city of Shintaro and patrol its vicinity to deal with various threats.


Hailmar (voiced by Brian Drummond) is the leader of the Shintaro Royal Guard and second-in-command to the ruler of Shintaro.


Hailmar resembles the other Shintaro Royal Guards, but notably sports a larger, more ornate helmet. This piece is gold-colored version of the piece created in 2017 for Lord Garmadon.



In "Shintaro", Hailmar and the Royal Guard save the Destiny's Bounty from crashing into a nearby mountain after it is damaged by attacking Dire Bats. Hailmar greets Master Wu and the Ninja, who have been invited to Shintaro, and presents the city to them as his comrades carry the Bounty safely into sight of the city.

  • His name is presumably a play on "Hail, Mary", part of a ritualistic prayer in the Catholic church, based on the somewhat angelic theme of the Sky Folk.

Engbelbert and his wife

Engelbert and his wife

Engelbert and his wife are an elderly Sky Folk couple who appear in "The Ascent". They are seen walking in the Shintaro royal gardens when the Stone Mech arrives carrying the Upply, Cole, Vania, and Wu.


  • Engelbert and his wife (credited as "Old Woman" and voiced by Tabitha St. Germain, who has voiced several Ninjago characters including Mystake and Akita) were created with slight modifications to Vangelis and Vania's animation models. The two of them have gray hair as opposed to the black and gold of Vangelis and Vania, have simpler robes, and Engelbert's wife notably has noticeable wrinkles.

Unknown statue subject

A statue of an unknown Sky Folk woman in the Shintaro palace gardens.

An unknown woman is the subject of a large statue seen in the royal gardens of Shintaro.