Class 4 article

The Sky Pirate Foot Soldiers are a pair of unnamed Sky Pirates released in the 853544 NINJAGO Accessory Set.


One of the foot soldiers comes with a unique green sailor hat and unique brown legs with printed armor and belt pieces. He has a torso printed with a green tank top, brown belt, and bare yellow arms; the tank top print resembles one used for a variant of Cyren. His hands are brown-presumably meant to represent gloves-and he comes with a brown scabbard piece; his unique scowling face is printed with scruffy facial hair and a unibrow lowered in a scowl.

The other foot soldier wears a brown turban, which was introduced in 2015 in white for the Snake Charmer; it later came out in dark green for the Desert Warrior and lavender for Professor Quirrell. He has plain green legs, except that one is replaced with a brown peg leg; these legs are shared with Clancee. His arms are identical to his fellow foot soldier's, but his torso is printed with a green vest and a red belt resembling Sqiffy's. He has a unique head print with thick black eyebrows and a black handlebar mustache.