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Sleeping Beauty is a DUPLO Disney Princess DUPLO Figure released in 2012. So far she appears in two sets: 6151 Sleeping Beauty's Room and 10542 Sleeping Beauty's Fairy Tale.


Sleeping Beauty has white, unprinted legs she wears a light pink removable dress. Her torso is pink, and printed with a spiraling silver design. She has short, pink sleeves, and light nougat arms. Her head, also light nougat, features large slanted blue eyes with dark pink eyeshadow, and a small mouth with pink lipstick. She has blonde hair, and wears a golden crown. The 2014 figure is a little different from the 2012 figure: her eyelashes are more detailed and she has sparkles on her torso.


At the Christening of the king and queen's child, the king and the queen invited all the good fairies, to bless the child with a single gift. However, they didn't invite the evil fairy Maleficent. Maleficent came anyway and put a curse on the princess, that when the princess became 16, she would prick her thumb on a spinning wheel and fall asleep for all eternity. 16 years later, the princess pricked her thumb on a spinning wheel, and fell into a deep sleep. The good fairies then put everyone else to sleep, as they saw that the princess would be distressed if she awoke to find herself on her own. 100 years passed, and as the princess slept on, the castle was overgrown with ivy. From a far away land came a prince, who got into the castle and went up the tower, where he saw Sleeping Beauty sleeping. He kissed her, and everyone woke up.



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