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Sleven (also known as Slevin in the Ninjago Tournament App) is a Ninjago minifigure that appears in the 2015 Ninjago winter wave of sets. He is a human antagonist wearing a snake skull helmet.


Sleven has a unique face print, with his face being yellow on the right side and white on the right, both sides being decorated with tattoos depicting rearing purple snakes. He has red makeup around his eyes, and his lips are parted in a snarl to show his teeth. Sleven shares his torso and leg prints with Krait, and his bone helmet piece with Chope, Kapau, Krait, and Zugu.



  • Most of the cultist in the TV series use the same minifigure.
  • He and Krait are almost duplicates with the only difference being the head printing.

TV Variants

Sleven (Blue Hood).png
Sleven (Red Hood).png
Blue HoodRed Hood