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The Slinger Crook,[1] also known as a Crook,[2] is a City Police minifigure introduced in 2017.


The Slinger Crook wears a white prison shirt with dark grey stripes, along with dark orange pants and suspenders; dark stone grey gloves; and a black Mini Pixie Cap. His face is printed with a scowling expression and grayish-tan mutton chops, which is shared with Mr. Crook.

In The Breakout Bunch, the Slinger Crook is initially depicted with a standard white prison jumpsuit, with the dark grey stripe pattern continuing onto his legs. He later wears the dark orange pants and suspenders to disguise himself as an electrician.

In LEGO Quest & Collect, like other enemies, the Slinger Crook is portrayed with pale skin and red eyes. He is equipped with a slingshot.


The Slinger Crook rides the crooks' truck. With the truck's extendable cherry picker, he places a stick of dynamite in the Police Station's vents to break a fellow crook out of jail, only to catch him by surprise on the toilet.[3]

In The Breakout Bunch, the Slinger Crook is depicted as obsessed with dynamite, much to the frustration of the more clever female crook planning the stealthy breakout operation. They nearly succeed in breaking a fellow crook out of prison, but when the police station's power goes out, the Slinger Crook lights a stick of dynamite for illumination. This literally blows up in their faces, landing the crooks in front of the Pizza Van where they are promptly arrested.

In LEGO Quest & Collect, the Slinger Crook is an enemy debuting in Episode I-1 "Mayhem in the Capital".


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