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This article is about the minifigure named "Sam Sinister" in the Adventurers Egypt subtheme. For the minifigure named "Sam Sinister" in later subthemes, see Lord Sam Sinister.

Slyboots (or Sly Boots), also known by many other names including Sam Sinister and Lizard Boots, is a villain in Adventurers Egypt theme. He initially appeared alongside Baron von Barron, although he was dropped out of set releases in later subthemes while Baron von Barron became the main villain of the Adventurers series. However, Slyboots still appeared regularly in video games and other Adventurers media.


Slyboots is dressed entirely in black, wearing a Top Hat - Mini Figure and a suit jacket over a collared red shirt. His face is printed with thick eyebrows, handlebar mustache, and goatee, and he wears a pair of glasses with large round white lens over his eyes.

When portrayed as a human in the Time Cruisers comic, Sly Boots has a large, physically-imposing build in order to reflect his backstory as a former prizefighter.


As with all other Adventurers Egypt characters, Slyboots has used a variety of names in different regions, and has even changed names multiple times over the years. This character is considered one of the most notable cases, with LEGO even joking about it occasionally; the Detective's bio mentions the "Sam Sinister Switcheroo" referring to this character switching names with Baron von Barron.

In North America, the character was originally named Sam Sinister in LEGO Mania Magazine January/February 1998.[1] This name is also used in 1998-1999 Shop At Home catalogs,[2] LEGO Racers, and Soccer Mania. This name is also translated as Sam El Siniestro (Sam the Sinister) in the Spanish language version of LEGO Racers. The LEGO Treasure Quest Electronic Scavenger Hunt Game uses the Sam Sinister name in its instructions;[3] oddly, a LEGO Mania Magazine advertisement for the game instead refers to him as Simon B. Sinister.[4]

In the United Kingdom, the character was originally named Lizard Boots in Bricks 'n' Pieces March/April 1998.[5] Bricks 'n' Pieces also advertises an Adventurers cartoon using this name.[6]

In Germany, the character was named Sly Boots in LEGO World Club Magazine March/April 1998[7] as well as in the audio drama Die Jagd nach dem Pharaonenschatz[8] and in the Time Cruisers comic. In other countries, the name "Sly Boots" was usually written as a single word, Slyboots. This is seen in the Danish language version of LEGO Racers[9][10] as well as in various English sources, including The Curse of the Mummy - An Interactive Puzzle Book,[11] LEGO Adventures! Magazine Issue 6,[12] 5730 LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge, and LEGO Racers 2. In Japanese, this name is translated as スライブーツ (Suraibūtsu) on the box of 3023 Slyboots Car.

A Swedish print ad[source?] names this character Knock-out Berra.

In LEGO Racers, he is called Uhyggelige Sam (Creepy Sam) in the Norwegian language version and Sluwe Sam (Sly Sam) in the Dutch language version. Interestingly, the latter seems to be a combination of his "Sam Sinister" and "Slyboots" names.

When the Dino Island subtheme began in 2000, Baron von Barron was reintroduced with the name Sam Sinister in North America,[13] despite this name previously belonging to Slyboots in the region. To make matters more confusing, Lord Sam Sinister adopted several of Slyboots' visual characteristics (such as dressing in black, wearing a top hat, and having a goatee) in the Orient Expedition subtheme. However, Slyboots and Lord Sam Sinister are still separate characters, appearing together in LEGO Island 2's Game Boy Color version, LEGO Racers 2, Soccer Mania, and the Orient Expedition train ride in LEGOLAND Windsor Resort.[14] As previously mentioned, LEGO Island 2 and LEGO Racers 2 address the naming issue by using the "Slyboots" name for this character in all regions, which has caused many fans to accept "Slyboots" as the character's standard name; however, Soccer Mania is the only video game released after 2000 that still refers to this character as Sam Sinister (while Baron von Barron is left unnamed).

Standing Small: A Celebration of 30 Years of the LEGO Minifigure initially refers to this character as Slyboot.[15] However, subsequent pages refer to this character as Lord Sam Sinister;[16] 2856195 LEGO Minifigure Ultimate Sticker Collection also refers to this character as Lord Sam Sinister, and incorrectly lists "Mr. Hates" as one of his alternate names.[17] It should be noted that this character has never used the title of "Lord" in any Adventurers media, since this title exclusively belonged to the villain of Orient Expedition; this appears to be one of multiple errors included in these books. While the true Lord Sam Sinister is consistently referred to as Baron von Barron in these books, The LEGO Book also refers to Lord Sam Sinister as the recurring villain of Dino Island and Orient Expedition, further muddying the issue.[18] The later 2012 edition of The LEGO Book addressed this by clarifying the difference between the original Sam Sinister and the later Lord Sinister, as well as listing some of their alternate names.[19]

In 2020, the 10273 Haunted House instruction booklet mentions Sam Sinister when describing the top hat-wearing Forbidden Skeleton.[20] This is more likely intended as a reference to Slyboots rather than Lord Sam Sinister, considering that the designer video refers to Baron von Barron and Sam Sinister as separate characters.[21]


Slyboots is the partner-in-crime of Baron von Barron, although their exact relationship varies with their names. In North American media, Sam Sinister (Slyboots) is the cunning true mastermind behind Baron von Barron's schemes; in European media, Slyboots is the dimwitted henchman of Mr. Hates and was a former prizefighter. In either scenario, both villains are out to follow Johnny Thunder and get the Re-Gou Ruby for their own uses before he could.

In LEGO Racers, Sam Sinister is a CPU racer in Circuits 3 and 6, and appears as the representative of the Adventure Temple Trail racetrack. His minifigure parts are unlocked upon beating Baron von Barron in Circuit 5.

In the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance versions of LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge, Slyboots appears as one of the characters depicted in collectible trading cards.

In LEGO Racers 2, Slyboots appears as a NPC on Dino Island, standing near the T-Rex Transport trailer. When players speak with him, Slyboots will say that only the bravest racers challenge Sam Sanister. In the Game Boy Advance version, Slyboots has a slightly larger role and is found at the Dino Research Compound: he was out collecting Dinosaur Eggs in the fields and ran out of fuel, and he rewards players with a Car Bonus if they collect 10 Dinosaur Eggs and return them to him in 4 minutes. He also reappears on Xalax in the Game Boy Advance version to congratulate the player after beating Rocket Racer and becoming the Galactic Racing Champion.

In Soccer Mania, Sam Sinister is the goalkeeper of the Adventurers Villains team, which plays against the player's team at the Aztec Village on Adventure Island to distract them while the Brickster escapes. In the final soccer match, Sam Sinister reappears as an outfield player in the Intergalactic team, playing alongside other villains such as the Brickster and Cedric The Bull. After beating these teams, the player can add Sam Sinister to their own team. His stats (out of a maximum of 272) are 160 speed, 128 shooting, 128 passing, 128 tackling, and 160 goalkeeping as the Adventurers Villains goalkeeper, and 272 speed, 272 shooting, 272 passing, 272 tackling, and 48 goalkeeping as the Intergalactic outfielder.[22]

According to the backstory of Manor von Barron, Sam Sinister (presumably referring to Slyboots in this context) is rumored to have died in a car explosion while running from the law, making him one of the suspects for the Forbidden Skeleton's true identity. However, since this is only a rumor, the character's actual fate remains unconfirmed.[20]

LEGO Description This is a description taken from LEGO Mania Magazine January/February 1998. Please do not modify it.

Sam might not look very bright, but it's just a trick. This long-time crook is really the evil genius behind the Baron's plans. This is a description taken from Bricks 'n' Pieces March/April 1998. Please do not modify it.

Lizard Boots
The real 'baddie' in the story. Lizard Boots is the brain behind the scheme to steal the ReGou ruby from under the nose of Sam Grant. This is a description taken from LEGO Mania Magazine November/December 1998. Please do not modify it.

Bad Guys Sam Sinister and Baron von Baron
Even the treasure-stealing Sam Sinister and Baron von Barron exchange holiday gifts. They just don't wrap them. It's too hard to wrap a snake or scorpion. This is a description taken from LEGO Adventures! Magazine Issue 6. Please do not modify it.

Mr[sic] Hates and Slyboots
Sneaky bad guys out to steal the Adventurers' discoveries!


Book Appearances

Comic Appearances

  • Johnny Thunder and the Lost Ruby
  • Time Cruisers
  • An Adventurous Holiday
  • The Red Ruby!

Video Game Appearances


  • In Die Jagd nach dem Pharaonenschatz, Sly Boots is voiced by Thomas Schüler.[8]
  • Although Slyboots does not appear in the PC version of 5774 LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge, an animation test exists depicting Slyboots (instead of Mr. Hates, as in the final released game) falling out of Bronto's saddle and then climbing back up.[23] Similarly, scripted dialogue for the Game Boy Color version indicates that Slyboots was intended to appear in the cut Hotep's Tomb area and would have thrown items at Pepper Roni;[24] in the final game, he only appears as a collectible trading card.