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Snake is an alien criminal from the 2009 Space Police III line.


He wears a helmet with a black visor to hide his identity, and appears to have an eye-like object in the middle of his stomach and a central eye with six extra eyes on his face, three on each side. He wears a skull belt buckle, which depicts the logo of the Black Hole Gang.


Snake is a space criminal, and a member of the Black Hole Gang. He is described as "yellow, average height" with "extremely bad breath". He was interrogated about a missing statue in the Space Police video Interrogation, but escaped, tribute to Squidman. Later, in It's a Trap...he and a few other space criminals were surrounded by the Space Police. The others were apprehended, but Snake managed to escape, leaving behind some graffiti that read: "you haven't seen the last of us!". It is unknown whether he was recaptured. Description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (See an archive of the product’s page)

He may seem like a dim-witted arachnoid astro-punk, but looks can be deceiving. Snake is a clever and sneaky data thief who excels at hacking top-secret systems and swiping any information or new technology that he can get his claws on. Don't try to sneak up on him in the dark, because those compound eyes can see all the way from infrared to ultraviolet!

Vehicle of Choice: Wrecker Space Truck


  • Stealing a Space Police laser cannon
  • Leaving the scene of a black hole
  • Refusing to tip at Space-Diners


Movie Appearances[]


  • Snake has appeared in the most Space Police III sets of any other Space Police alien to date.
  • In the 8400 Space Speeder set, Snake's helmet does not have a black visor.
  • After release of second line in 2010, Snake is visible in one of the scenes in the video introducing Brick Daddy, Craniac, and Jawson. He is captured in one of the pods in Space Police Station.
  • Although Snake does not appear in 4850307 LEGO Battles, the generic Space Criminals reuse his head piece.