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Snake is an alien criminal from the 2009 Space Police III line. He wears a helmet with a black visor to hide his identity, and appears to have an eye-like object in the middle of his stomach and a central eye with six extra eyes on his face, three on each side. He wears a skull belt buckle, which depicts the logo of the Black Hole Gang. This proves that he is a member of the gang.


Snake is a space criminal, and a member of the Black Hole Gang. He is described as "yellow, average height" with "extremely bad breath". He was interrogated about a missing statue in the Space Police video Interrogation, but escaped, tribute to Squidman. Later, in It's a Trap...he and a few other space criminals were surrounded by the Space Police. The others were apprehended, but Snake managed to escape, leaving behind some graffiti that read: "you haven't seen the last of us!". It is unknown whether he was recaptured.


  • Snake has appeared in the most Space Police III sets of any other Space Police alien to date.
  • In the 8400 Space Speeder set, Snake's helmet does not have a black visor.




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