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Snake Oiler is a minifigure from the Speed Racer theme.


Snake Oiler comes with a leather jacket-print torso and dark red helmet.


Snake is a racer of average skill who uses dirty tactics to make up for his lack of ability. A deeply corrupt driver, he willingly cooperates with the fixers who decide the results of every race as long as he profits. He's an early rival of Speed Racer, attempting to crash him out of the Thunderhead race where Speed first made his name, but failing and crashing out himself. He's later enraged to learn that, after finally being selected to win a race, Speed Racer has also entered the same race with the intention of helping Taejo Togokhan win. Snake's bosses succeed in slowing Speed Racer down in the first stage, allowing Snake to win that, but Team Togokhan rally during the second stage. Finally frustrated by having to constantly fight off Speed's attempts to pass him, Snake loses it and starts firing on him with a handgun, in full view of the cameras and commentators. Speed survives and crashes Snake off the edge of a cliff.


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