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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Episode №:



Martin Skov


Dan & Kevin Hageman

Running time:

30 minutes



First released/aired:

January 25th, 2012




Snakebit is the third episode in the first season of LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. While the Ninja adjust to their new home and Jay deals with his parents' antics, Lloyd releases another tribe of Serpentine - the Fangpyre - one that may prove even more dangerous than the Hypnobrai.


After being banished by the Hypnobrai tribe, Lloyd Garmadon uses The Map of Dens to find the Fangpyre tribe's tomb, where he offers an alliance to get revenge on the Hypnobrai and the Ninja. Fangtom, the tribe general, agrees, but first plans on building up his army by using the tribe member's venomous bite to transform anything into a Fangpyre snake.

Meanwhile, Jay's parents, Ed Walker and Edna Walker, Jay's parents, arrive at Destiny's Bounty to visit, much to Jay's annoyance. After being embarrassed multiple times by his mother, Jay ushers his parents back to their junkyard. There, Ed and Edna are assaulted by the Fangpyre and given the venomous bite while the others infect vehicles in the yard to their own evil use.

The next day, the Dragons who were molting, migrated east, so Jay keeps a promise to his father and visits the junkyard on foot. When the ninja arrive, the place is quiet, which worries Jay, since his parents are "never quiet." He finds Ed and Edna captive and beginning their transformation into Serpentine, with small fangs and a green, scaly tinge to their skins. While the Fangpyre fight the Ninja, Sensei explains the only way to change Jay's parents back is to get the anti-venom from the staff, but the Fangpyre begin to retreat, carrying the staff with them. After discovering their weapons have the ability to transform to vehicles, Jay uses his Storm Fighter plane to steal the Fangpyre Staff from the Rattlecopter(a helicopter transformed into a snake), which makes the Fangpyre follow the Ninja back to Destiny's Bounty. While there, Nya creates the anti-venom before accidentally losing the staff, and Ed fixes the "defense system" Jay was working on earlier in the episode, allowing them to take flight and escape the clutches of the Fangpyre.



  • When Kai and Cole agree to go with Jay to the junkyard, their voices switched.


  • This episode marks the debut of Ed, Edna, the Fangpyre, several Serpentine vehicles, the vehicle forms of the Golden Weapons, and the flight mode of the Destiny's Bounty. It is also the last appearance of the Ninjas' individual dragons - when they return, they will have merged into a new creature.
  • The episode name comes from the Fangpyre's signature ability, which is demonstrated multiple times in the episode.
  • For some reason, Ed and Edna's clothes also change color as if they where biten too, but this is not repeated later on when Jay suffers the effect of the fangpyre venom.