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Snap Lockitt is a surfer minifigure from the LEGO Island series and from the Island Xtreme Stunts theme.


Snap made his first appearance in the 1997 LEGO game, LEGO Island. He had a standard smiling face with glasses, blue cap, and a wind-surfboard design on his torso. He showed players where to build a jet-ski and was a racer in the jet-ski race. In the 2001 sequel, LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge, Snap looked the same as his original except for now he had a buzz cut hairpiece. He made another appearance in Island Xtreme Stunts with his buzz cut hair, new face design, and a starfish pattern on his torso. In the spinoff LEGO theme, Island Xtreme Stunts, he is one of the few characters who makes a physical appearance.


Snap is an upbeat surfer dude who is a lifeguard at the Beach Lookout on LEGO Island. He also spends some of his time dancing at a Party House. He is a pro when it comes to jet-skiing and also demonstrates being a competent hang-glider, which came in handy when he fought the LEGO Island criminal, the Brickster, in the sky against the Brickster's airplane.

LEGO Island

In the first game, Snap is first seen riding a jet-ski across LEGO Island. The player can meet him at the Lifeguard tower near the beach where Snap is talking about building a Jet-ski, or as he describes it, a PWC (Personal. Water. Craft). He is also shown in other scripted bits near the Lifeguard tower within the game.

LEGO Island 2

In the sequel, LEGO Island 2, Snap is first seen dancing at the party house, unlike in the other LEGO Island games where he is seen on the beach and/or Lifeguard tower. When The party house was briefly deconstructed by the Brickster, it resulted in Snap Lockitt and the characters nearby to stop dancing until Pepper Roni returned from Adventure Island. Then the party house is re-constructed and Snap kept dancing. He is character who is able talk within game to the player like in other LEGO Island games too. He is also briefly seen at the end scene of the game.

Island Xtreme Stunts (Game)

In Island Xtreme Stunts, Snap Lockitt returns to his more usual role of hanging around the beach, riding on boats and being a more major character. He assists Pepper in getting his boat license on LEGO Island. After archiving a boat license the character can challenge Snap to a boat race around LEGO Island.


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