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Snap Lockitt is a surfer dude minifig from the LEGO Island Series and from the Island Xtreme Stunts theme. He made his first appearance in the 1997 LEGO game, LEGO Island. He had a standard smiling face with glasses, blue cap, and a windsurfboard design on his torso. He showed players where to build a jet-ski and was a racer in the jet-ski race. In the 2001 sequel, LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge, Snap looked the same as his original except for now he had his signature buzz cut hairpiece. He spent the game dancing at the Party House with two other characters in the game. He made another appearance in Island Xtreme Stunts with his buzz cut hair, new face design, and a starfish pattern on his torso. In the spinoff LEGO theme, Island Xtreme Stunts, he is one of the few characters who makes his first minifig appearance. In the theme, Snap is a surfer dude who is a lifeguard at the Beach Lookout on LEGO Island. He was a pro at a jet-ski water craft and a beach cruiser he once raced Pepper Roni with Pepper on his skateboard. He also was a compentant hang-glider, which came in handy when he fought the LEGO Island criminal, the Brickster, in the sky against the Brickster's airplane.

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